D7 Polarimeter

Bellingham + Stanley has updated the original Model to meet the requirements of 21st Century applications. instrument body has been replaced with a new ‘low weight’ component that reduces shipping costs, significantly important where a number of instruments are supplied to one destination and the sodium lamp has been replaced with a lightweight, low cost LED light source with an interference filter and integral intensity control. Retaining the measurement specification of the original Model D, the new D7 provides the user with one of the highest specification optical measurements of rotation at a fraction of the cost of its predecessor.


• LED Light Source
• Intensity Control
• Dual Range
• 0-360° Angular and -30 to 130 °Z (Sugar)


Model D7 
Scale  0-360 °A / -30 ~ 130 °Z
Sub Division (scale resolution) 1 °A / 1 °Z
Resolution (micrometer drum) 0.05 / 0.1
Precision (estimation) ±0.02 / ±0.05
Operating temperature 5-45 °C
Power supply 90-230V~, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (packed) 55 x 39 x 28 cm
Weight (net) 5.5 kg