DP5 Phototrode

The DP5 Phototrode™ is the latest advancement of the well established Phototrodes DP550 and DP660 from METTLER TOLEDO. For the first time, the unique feature of the DP5 Phototrode™ allows the switching between 5 different wavelengths for the indication of various titrations allowing the use of a single DP5 Phototrode™ for all turbidimetric and color-indicated titrations.

A small rainbow
Dark green, green, orange, light red, red – in addition to the wavelengths 555nm and 660nm, the DP5 Phototrode™ covers the wavelengths 520nm, 590nm and 620nm. Now when selecting a suitable color indicator for your sample, a multitude of new possibilities arises, all using a single sensor. An overview of typical applications you will find on the back of the downloadable datasheet.

In agreement with existing standards
According to EN 196-2 (1994), some cement components such as Fe(III), Al(III) or Ca(II) must be analyzed by titration with EDTA or EGTA. The wavelengths specifi ed by the standard are 520nm and 620nm, respectively. The DP5 Phototrode™ together with METTLER TOLEDO titrators now easily fulfils all requirements.
DP5 in 2-phase beaker

Your investment is protected
The classical two-phase titration is sometimes the only possible solution for the analysis of various surfactants. Existing accessories like the twophase titration beaker, as well as methods developed
by METTLER TOLEDO for this purpose, can continue to be used with the DP5 Phototrode™.

Short description Phototrode with 5 selectable wavelengths
Applications Complexometric; two-phase titration
Material Number(s) 51109300