Dropping Point Excellence

With the innovative METTLER TOLEDO dropping point system, you can determine dropping and softening points of pitch, asphalt, polymers, resins, waxes and many more materials fully automatically.


Measurements Made Easy
Designed for simplicity, METTLER TOLEDO’s Dropping Point Excellence is intuitive and easy to use. The color user interface provides clear information, with the possibility to display your SOPs on the instrument. Perform experiments from -20 °C to 400 °C. Store methods and results directly on the instrument. Customizable shortcuts on the homescreen offer a quick way to start each measurement.
Trust Your Results
Never miss a measurement again. Observe your experiment in real time via a video or replay it to verify your results. View results directly on the color touchscreen after the experiment. Performance and precision can be verified by calibration using certified reference substances.
Increase Your Efficiency
In today’s busy environment, every minute is precious. Speed up sample preparation by using our innovative tools: prevent contamination and prepare up to four samples at once. Save time by measuring two samples simultaneously and automatically, and export or print results directly after an experiment.
Comply with Standards
METTLER TOLEDO Dropping Point Excellence Systems conform to ASTM International standards and other norms. Furthermore, standard-compliant cups and measurement methods guarantee comparable results.
Model DP 70 DP 90
Temperature range RT up to 400 °C -20 to 400 °C
Heating rate 0.1 to 20 °C /per minute
User management Yes
One Click™(short cuts) Max. 12 per User
Video Color AVI, >2.5x magnification
Video run time 300 minutes
Video-Export on SD card or to PC to SD-card or toPC
Number of permanently stored results Last 100
Method database Yes, max. 60 methods
Substance database Yes, max. 100 substances
GLP-conform protocol Yes
PDF-Storage Yes
Languages German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese
Connection to a Barcode Reader Yes (USB)
Connection to a Printer USB-P25 Compact Printer, Ethernet Printer (PCL)
Optional IQ/OQ availability Yes
Norm conformity European Pharmacopeia (Ph.Eur.) 2.2.17, IP396, DIN 51920, ISO 4625-2ASTM D3204, D3461, D3954, D6090