DuraChill™ Recirculating Chillers

Designed for high heat removal in demanding environments, our DuraChill™ Chillers provide robust and reliable temperature control for closed, external systems such as pilot plants, medical diagnostic equipment, metalworking lasers, and plastic molding machines. These chillers are suitable for most applications with their many options and accessories.


  • Cooling capacities as high as 33,436 watts at 35°C ambient
  • Air- and water-cooled models available
  • Variety of pump options
  • Large, dual displays present temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously
  • User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms


Easy to Operate
Setting temperature and operational parameters is intuitive and straightforward.
Digital temperature display and digital pressure/flow rate display let you check key process information with just a glance.
Local lockout prevents unauthorized set-point or operational changes. User-adjustable temperature limits prevent unintended set-point changes, warn you when process temperature rises too high or drops too low.
Whether you’re application calls for high flow at low pressure, low flow at high pressure, or something in between, DuraChill™ Chillers can deliver. Each unit is available with multiple pump options, ensuring a good fit for most process requirements.
Broad selection of factory installed options – such as remote control, ambient temperature tracking, serial communication, and deionized water packages – make it easy to customize your DuraChill™ Chiller to your facility’s and application’s unique needs