Excellence Density Meters


Keep It Simple

Density has never been so easy! With simple operating routines and an intuitive touchscreen user interface, you can perform measurements quickly and efficiently. Shared across different METTLER TOLEDO analytical solutions, the One Click™ user interface provides easy and fast access to all tasks, simplifying your daily work and making you feel right at home.

Automate Your Analysis

Save time, reduce costs and improve operational safety by minimizing the need for operator interaction. Increase the quality of your measurement data by automating your analysis: ensure that all steps are performed the same way each time. With fully automatic determination, you can take results repeatability and reliability to a whole new level.

Go Digital with LabX®

Future-proof your lab. Much more than just an instrument management software, LabX® PC software manages data, instruments, and users while bringing your tasks directly to the instrument’s touch screen. With bi-directional integration into your ELN, LIMS, or SAP system, you can save paper, avoid transcription errors and ensure data integrity.

Save Time with Multiparameter Measurements

Make the most of your time while increasing data quality. Multiparameter analyses combining density, refractive index, pH, color, titration, and more prevent the alteration of samples between individual analyses. Results will be displayed directly on the instrument screen, ensuring that all of your data is at your fingertips.

Enhance Your Workflow

Log in with your biometric fingerprint, enter a product ID with the barcode scanner, start the measurement with the wave of a hand, and export your results to a USB printer, USB stick, PC software, LIMS, ERP or SAP. Ensure high performance of your instrument with regular calibration using certified traceable standards.

Model D4 D5 D6
Accuracy ± 0.0001 g/cm3 0.00005 g/cm3 0.000005 g/cm3
Measurement Range 0 g/cm3 – 3 g/cm3
Temperature control range 0.0 … 95.0 °C
Minimum Sample Volume 1.5mL
Automatic bubble detection (BubbleCheck™) Yes
Automatic viscosity correction Yes
Integrated pressure sensor Yes
Integrated drying pump No
Color-coded result identification Yes
Measurement scales Density, Specific gravity, Alcohol, Acid/Base, Chemical, Salt, API, Sugar, Others, Up to 30 user-defined concentration tables (can be entered as tables or formulas).
Languages English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish
Dimensions 267 x 226 x 256 mm
Weight 17.5 kg