Excellence Titrator T5

The Titration Excellence line offers many advantages such as One Click® Titration, Plug & Play and the method database. The T5 is the ideal entry-level model in this line and offers much more than a simple titrator.

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  • Touchscreen terminal with StatusLight™
  • Plug & Play sensors and burettes
  • Comprehensive communication connections
  • Security with Level Sensor and Fingerprint Reader
  • SmartSample™ flexibility


Touchscreen terminal with StatusLight™
The terminal has a brilliant, high-resolution touchscreen that can be freely and conveniently positioned thanks to the cable connection. Combined with the adjustable display angle, this guarantees an ergonomic and stress-free working environment.


Plug & Play sensors and burettes
The most important titration peripherals are automatically recognized by the titrator, minimizing user intervention. Important data such as sensor calibration or titrant concentration are saved in the sensor and burette chips and automatically transferred to the titrator. Using the wrong titrant or electrode is impossible.


SmartSample™ flexibility
A SmartSample reader is installed as standard on all Excellence titrators. Wireless data transfer from balance to titrator eliminates transcription errors caused by manual entry. Sample mix-ups are impossible because the sample data is saved on a tag on the titration beaker.


Preconfigured system application packages
Everything you need for your analysis in two different packages:

  • T5 with manual titration stand
  • T5 Rondolino with automated titration stand for up to 9 samples


Number of burette drives 1 internal + 3 external (2 titrants, 2 dosing only)
End point titration very suitable
EQP titration very suitable
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration very suitable
KF Titration yes
Karl Fischer Methods Volumetric: V20S equivalent methods
Karl Fischer Methods Coulometric: C20S equivalent methods
pH-stat very suitable
Sample changer option Rondolino, Rondo
GLP conform printout yes
Connection to Printer USB printers (PCL)
Connection to Barcode Reader yes (USB)
User guidance Learn titration, online help
Password Protection user manager / user rights
Languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese
Flexible method creation standard flexibility
Task list (number of tasks) max. 10, no parallel
Short Cuts max. 24 per user
Hot Plug and Play yes
Automatic burette recognition yes
Sensor boards max.1
Series sequences no
Plug&Play Sensors yes
Short description T5 – Convenient & Versatile
Drying oven option DO308 (manual)