Excellence Titrator T7

Besides the many advantages of the Titration Excellence line such as One Click Titration, Plug & Play and the method database, the T7 offers a number of other important features:

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  • Expandable to perform conductivity measurements
  • More flexible methods with loops
  • Upgrade to T9
  • Task List
  • Continuous runs
  • Automation with Liquid Handler
  • Solvent Control for KF solvent monitoring and automatic replacement
  • Accompanying pH-stating


Application Versatility
Together with the volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer Kit, water content down to 1 ppm can be determined. The system is easily expanded with an additional pH or conductivity board, allowing pH and conductivity measurements and titrations. Even Coulometric Karl Fischer titration is simply integrated with the KF Kit
Method loops
Up to three different analyses can e combined in a single method using method loops. For example, electrode calibration, titer determination and sample analyses can be combined as loops within a single method and the results can be calculated simultaneously.
Upgrade to T9
If required, the T7 firmware can be upgraded to the T9 version. In the future, your T7 can make full use of the unlimited power and possibilities of the T9. A decision in favor of the T7 still leaves all options open.
Powerful Automation
The task list allows seqential anaysis of different methods or series. The Liquid Handler Dosing System fulfills every aliquoting and pipetting task. On the InMotion sample changer, samples labeled using LabX SmartCodes are automatically recognized by the LabX Software
Number of burette drives 1 internal +3 external (optional, full titration control)
End point titration very suitable
EQP titration very suitable
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration very suitable
KF Titration yes
pH-stat very suitable
Sample changer option InMotion™ Autosamplers, Rondolino, InMotion™ Karl Fischer Autosampler
GLP conform printout yes
Connection to Printer USB printer (PCL),RS-232
Connection to Barcode Reader yes (USB)
User guidance Learn titration, online help
Password Protection user manager / user rights
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese
Flexible method creation extended flexibility
Upgradable to T9
Task list (number of tasks) max. 10, max. 7 parallel
Short Cuts max. 24 per user
Hot Plug and Play yes
Automatic burette recognition yes
Sensor boards max. 2
Series sequences max. 10
Plug&Play Sensors yes
Short description T7 – Flexible & Expandable
Drying oven option DO308 (manual) or InMotion™ Karl Fischer Autosampler