Excellence Titrator T9

In addition to the many advantages of the Titration Excellence line such as One Click® Titration, Plug & Play, method database and the refinements of the T7, the T9 offers a number of important features.

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  • Parallel titration
  • Conditions within method functions
  • Result buffer
  • Series Sequence
Parallel titration
With the T9, up to 30 tasks can be assigned to two analysis areas. This allows two titrations to run in parallel, independently of one another. Two sample series using different methods on two InMotion sample changers is possible.
Conditions within method functions
The logical condition “if…then” enables the T9 to decide how the analysis should proceed. It can, for example, first measure the pH and then, on the basis of the result, decide whether acid or base should be dispensed.
Series Sequence
The Series Sequence function allows individual sample series with different methods to be combined. For example, all the analyses of a particular day can be started together and processed sequentially or in parallel, irrespective of the method used to perform them.
Karl Fischer titration
Using One Click, pre-programmed METTLER TOLEDO methods start volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrations without any modifications required. The T9 additionally allows you to run volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer analysis simulatiously thanks to the parallel titration feature.


Number of burette drives  1 internal +7 external (optional, full titration control)
End point titration very suitable
EQP titration very suitable
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration very suitable
KF Titration yes
pH-stat very suitable
Sample changer option InMotion™ Autosamplers, Rondolino, InMotion™ Karl Fischer Autosampler
GLP conform printout yes
Connection to Printer USB printer (PCL), RS-232
Connection to Barcode Reader yes(USB)
Parallel titrations yes
User guidance Learn titration, online help
Password Protection user manager / user rights
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese,Russian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese
Flexible method creation fullest flexibility
IF…THEN statements in methods yes
Upgradable highest model
Remarks runs express samples
Task list (number of tasks) max. 30, max. 8 parallel
Short Cuts max. 24 per user
Hot Plug and Play yes
Automatic burette recognition yes
Sensor boards max. 3
Series sequences max. 10
Plug&Play Sensors yes