FLASH Automatic Titrator

Flash automatic titrator has been designed to simply and precisely satisfy and perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations.
Up to two automatic burettes for titrant delivery and three peristaltic pumps can be installed. Automatic pH, acidity and SO2 analyses are made easy and simple.

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-COMPACT: Flash is a compact-modular instrument and can be both upgraded and configutated to satisfy the ever-changing laboratory needs;
-EASY-TO-USE: the colored touchscreen display guides the user in each programming, analysis and data interpretation phase;
-ON-LINE GRAPHICS: during the titration process, a graph giving the analysis trend is displayed in real time.

-pH and total acidity: performed with a pH electrode on tel quel sample (editable pH end-point titration)
-Free, total and combined SO2: performed with double platinum electrode on tel quel sample (ripper method)
-pH calibration and reagents standardization: optional calibration with several buffers (e.g. 7/3pH)

Automatic burettes:
Up to 2 burettes can be installed:
-burette equipped with 12.000 high definition stepper motor
-10ml clear glass syringe and tip made of interchangeable PTFE
-Three-way valve (titrant/cleaning reactant suction, titrant delivery, syringe) made of anti-corrosive material

Very often a titration process requires addition of auxiliary reagents such as acid for acidifying, water for diluting, etc…
With up to a maximum of 3 peristaltic pumps, operated together or separately, every phase of the titration process can be made totally automatic.
Delivery: 1ml/sec
Internal tube: noprene
External tube: PVC and PTFE


Printer; Single analyses stand; Sampler: 16 and 35 positions; Automatic degasser; Software for data man-agement on external PC
– Internal memory: 50 analyses, 10 calibrations; 30 methods
– Data export: date, hour, operator ID, sample ID, method, result, titrant volume
– pH calibration: a) 1 buffer calibration (7) b) 2 buffers calibration (7, 4 or 10) c) Theorical (Nernst equation) d) Oenologi-cal: 2 buffers calibration (7, 3), Temperature compensation with pt100 probe during pH Calibration; Buffer auto-recognize; Refusal defective electrodes; Notice expired calibration