Glass Pilot Plant


Steroglass’ provides complete systems or individual components such as as:

Reaction units without thermostatic jackets/ Jacketed reactors /Triple wall reactors /Vessels for products collection, storage and formulation/Heat exchangers: shell and tube, coil (vertical, horizontal  Or slanting version) /Glass and plastic connection lines/Glass manual or automatic valves/Vacuum systems/Temperature control systems/Control and data acquisition software/Plastic coating available for all glass parts/Product certifications le.g. ATEX)/Revamping /Spare parts  Components /Custom projects

Software for monitoring and controlling the chemical process

Any Steroglass pilot/laboratary plant can be equipped with a PLC programmable control system. The user now has a suitable software package in an interactive HMI(Human machine interface)for controlling and/or regulating the product temperature by re-circulating chiller, the vacuum level inside the glassware, the stirring speed and the opening and closing of valves. By measurung the pH in the product the user can create cascade operations(e.g. activate the peristaltic pump for the product loading). The HMI is made through a touch screen graphic
display designed specifically for inductrial plants, SCADA is a standard option.