HandyLab 750 Portable pH meters


  • Store up to 5,000 data points
  • HandyLab Pilot software for evaluation of data from digital Memosens® sensors.
  • HandyLab Pilot software (included with delivery), allows easy management and evaluation of stored data and can be used for device configuration.
  • Contrast-rich and scratch-resistant clear glass display.
  • Self-explanatory operation with one clear text line
  • Display of the sensor status at one glance with Sensoface.
  • Calibration of up to 3 points with automatic buffer detection.
  • Manual calibration by indicating random buffer values
  • Real-time clock and display of battery charging status.
  • Extended operating time of more than 1,000 hours with standard batteries (4 x AA) or use of a Li-Ion accumulator, even with very high or low operating temperatures. The battery is charged via the USB interface
Measuring parameters HandLab 750
Memosens pH (ISFET) pH Display areas -2.000 … +16.000 pH
mV Display areas -2000 … +2000 mV
Temp. Display areas -50 … +250 °C
Memosens Redox mV Display areas -2000 … +2000 mV
Temp. Display areas -50 … +250 °C
pH/mV (analog) pH measure range -2 … 16
mV measure range -1300 … +1300
Temperature NTC 30 kΩ -20 … +120 °C
Pt 1000 -40 … +250 °C
Autocal Buffer Sets Knick CaliMat, Ciba (94), Hamilton, NIST Technical, HACH, Mettler-Toledo NIST-Standard SI Analytics techn. buffer, DIN 19267 Reagecon
Perm. calibration range Zero point : 6 … 8 pH
ISFET: -750 … +750 mV
Slope: approx. 74 … 104 %
Calibration Timer Sample interval 1 … 99 days, can be switched off
Display LCD STN 7-segment display with three lines and symbols
Diagnostic Functions Sensor data (Memosens only), Manufacturer, sensor type, serial number, operating time
Energy supply Batteries 4x AA (Mignon), 4x Akku NiMH or 1x
Li-Ion battery pack, chargeable via USB
Operating time approx. 1,000 h (Alkaline)
Material PA12GF30+TPE
Dimensions 132 x 156 x 30 mm, 500 g
Type of protection IP66/67 with pressure compensation
Certificates – testing mark – device safety
DIN EN 61326-1 (General Requirements)
Interference Emission Class B (residential) Interference resistance Industry Branch
DIN EN 61326-2-3 (Special Requirements for Pressure Transducers)
RoHS Conformity As per directive 2011/65/EU