HAVER UFA – Ultrasonic Frequency Variation for Test Sieves

The HAVER UFA is especially designed for the sieving of powders at critical particle size cuts of ≤ 300 micron.


  • Increase of throughput of bulk materials ≤ 300 μm
  • Clogging tendency is reduced and disintegration of agglomerated material is promoted
  • Sieving performance is increased and sieving times shortened
  • Permanent sieve mesh cleaning effect with less mechanical wear on the screens
  • Several test sieves can be agitated at the same time with a single generator
Specification HAVER UFA
Clamping ring  ø 200 mm, 203 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm
Converter Connector cable included
Analogue generator
Weight: 3.3 kg
Ultrasonic power: 20-100 W (stepless adjustment)
Operating modes: continuous / pulsating
Protection class: IP 65
Digital generator
Weight: 3.6 kg
Ultrasonic power: 50 W max.
Protection class: IP 65