Lancer Undercounter Glassware Washer


  • Intelligent microcomputer control system, easy operation
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Built-in cleaning program, time, temperature ,cleaning and other parameter can be modified based on the cleaning conditions.
  • 3.5-inch LED color touch screen can show cleaning cycle status.
  • ONE TOUCH starting function with alarm when the cleaning ends.
  • Self-diagnosis function, easy to maintenance.
  • Built-in condenser, detergent automatic dispensing setting and electronic gravity system protection.
  • The method can be specially designed and professionally manufactured according to the characteristics and appearance of the utensil to complete the most perfect cleaning result.
  • Low noise and high safety, comply with CE and ISO specifications
  • Use non-foaming detergent, comply with pollution-free regulations.


Specification 820LX 910LX 1300LX
Outer dimension (WHD) 909x850x739mm 609x1483x752mm 609x1643x752mm
Inner dimension 535x498x520mm 535x544x520mm 535x644x520mm
Cleaning capacity 140L 160L 180L
Weight 115kg 143kg 145kg
Noise 65 dBA 63 dBA  63 dBA
The number of Basket 2 2 3
Display 3.5-inch LED color touch screen
Control PROLUX-40 programs
Dry Dual system- chamber & injector drying