Low Temperature Coolers – Flow Through Style

An economical alternative to the tap water cooling of heated circulating baths when rapid cool-downs or operation at or near ambient is required.

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: -25° to +40°C
  • Cooling Capacity: 745 watts @ 20°C; 260 watts @ -10°C
  • Temperature Control: Fixed at -25°C



  • Continuous cooling to -25°C
  • Designed to run at maximum cooling
  • Ideal for use with heated and refrigerated circulating baths


Part Numbers 
120VAC,60Hz F25N0A101B
240VAC,50Hz F25N0A102E

Electrical plugs for the part numbers listed are standard U.S. and European types.

Temperature control must be provided by an external circulator; an anti-freeze solution is required in the circulation system.