Whole log metal detector with rectangular aperture, for chipper protection
The Metal Detector BIG is made for rough industrial applications in the wood yard. Suitable for use with big products, such as wood logs or paper bales. It is typically installed in a U-trough shaped conveyor with a flat belt and can be installed even withvibration conveyors.
The Metal Detector BIG is available with aperture width 800 to 4500 mm (2,6 to 14,8 ft) and heights of up to 2000 mm (4,6 ft).
Extended temperature range available -40°C to +40° C.
Available digital controllers: METAL SHARK® 1,  METAL SHARK® 2A
Features & Benefits of Metal Detector BIG
  • Highest metal sensitivity
  • Short Metal-Free Zone
  • Aluminum housing provides total shielding against transient influences that cause false/nuisance tripping.
  • The most technologically advanced metal detector available. Exclusive 4 channel DDS and DSP microprocessor provides continuous accuracy and stability.
  • System ‘learns‘ the product characteristics and automatically compensates and adjusts product effects caused by such things as different species of the tree from which the logs originate , moisture, VFD`s and pitch ensuring 95% less false / nuisance tripping.
  • Single board microprocessor with multiple filters that eliminates undesirable noise.
  • Password protection
  • Maintenance-free
  • Rugged and sturdy design