The IN LIQUID is a metal detector specifically designed for fluid and paste-like products. Sensor and control unit housing are made of sturdy stainless steel, appropriate for use in the food industry. With a maintenance free design and high quality construction, for reliable operation in the most challenging industrial environments.

For Pipelines with Liquids and Slurries.

Cassel′s Metal Detector IN LIQUID, designed for liquids and slurries, boasts a rugged stainless steel sensor and housing, and is appropriate for use in the food industry.

With a maintenance-free design and high quality construction, users can depend on reliable operation even in the most challenging industrial environments.

Available digital controllers: METAL SHARK® 1,  METAL SHARK® 2A

Features & Benefits of Metal Detector IN LIQUID

  • Rugged throughput hose: A variety of stainless steel connections are available, including tri-clamp, milk-thread and aseptic flanges. The standard hose, able to withstand pressure up to 16 bar and designed for a harsh manufacturing plant environment, is constructed for high temperature use and CIP/SIP systems. Pipe diameters range from 1″ to 4″.
  • Available reject systems: The reliable and easy-to-maintain butterfly valve reject system is ideal for CIP/SIP applications. The Ex-PWC reject valve is designed for flowing products with non-fluid components and will not impede product flow. The reject piston can be easily removed for daily water hose cleaning. Other reject systems are available.
  • Assembly frame options: Cassel′s hygienic frame design is easy to clean. All tubing is close welded on all sides. Design options are floor stands (with/without castors) or custom OEM frames fitted to accommodate existing equipment. The control unit can be attached to the frame or wall mounted.
  • Performance check: An optional testball insertion port allows an operator to regularly and easily test metal detector performance. Also, Autotest option is available for automatic validation with test spheres in separate test pipes.