MYTOS & TWISTER particle size analysis

The classical approach for in-line dry particle size analysis from 0.25 to 3500 µm including dry dispersing and laser diffraction is based on MYTOS, the state of the art in-line laser diffraction1 unit. Automated on- and at-line options complete the MYTOS family to satisfy the demands of the process and application.


in-line: MYTOS & TWISTER:
MYTOS works best in combination with TWISTER, the in-line representative sampler, as a complete system with all components mounted in the production line.Modular components are available for optimum adaptation to the process. In-line solutions cover pipe diameters from 100 to 200 mm.
on-line: MYTOS & TWISTER:
MYTOS can be operated outside of the pipe with diameters from 35 mm to 660 mm as an on-line system with or without TWISTER, if for example,the height for a complete in-line / in-line system is not available as encountered sometimes in existing production sites,
the analysed product should be available outside for other analysis as well.
To complete the MYTOS & TWISTER family the complete system is available in a polished stainless steel GMP version as well (50 mm to 150 mm pipe diameter). Customized versions of the instrument fulfil even the most demanding applications.
at-line: MYTOS & VIBRI:
Though representative sampling is of crucial importance, sometimes different kinds of samplers (e.g. screw-samplers) are already installed. MYTOS can then be adapted directly to existing samplers or operate as a wall mounted stand alone on-line solution. Using the MYTOS with the dosing device VIBRI has the advantage of ensuring a well-defined and constant sample flow into the disperser / sensor.