ONE Food & Beverage Analyzer

ONE analyzer has been designed for chemical, enzymatic and colorimetric analyses in the food and beverage field and is very useful to control the quality of every phase of production.
Steroglass has established itself in the Italian and worldwide markets, reaching the highest professional standards in production of analytical instrumentation.

The new ONE is equipped with a wide range of  preloaded applications for the food & beverage sectors providing a simple and intuitive interface through a graphic display that guides the user step‐by‐step during the analysis, as well as the ability to program new analytical methods.

Method in memory:
Acetakdehyde, Acetic acid, Ammoniacal and α‐Amminic Nitrogen, Anthocyans, Calcium, Catechuns, Chlorides, Citric  Acid, Color, Cupper, D‐Gluconic Acid, L and D Lactic Acid, L and Dmalic Acid, Free & Total SO2, Glucose‐Fructose, GLYCEROL, Iron, L‐Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium, Pyrvic Acid, Sucrose, Tartaric Acid, Total Polyphenols.


  • Languages: Italian and English
  • More than 132 programmable methods
  • 55 pre‐loaded methods optimized with Steroglass enzymatic and colorimetric Kits.
  • Easy Software with step‐by‐step procedures
  • 9 positions thermal block for cuvette incubation (25‐45°C)
  • Data shown on display
  • Integrated printer
Emission source halogen lamp 12V, 20W
Filter selection automatic, N°8 interferential filters:
Photometric range 0~3.0 O.D.
Reading time programmable from 1 to 999 seconds
Incubation time programmable from 1 to 999 seconds
Temperature control 25℃~45℃(±1℃)
Display 128X×64 pixel
Dimensions 9×35×18cm(lxdxh)
Weight ~5kg
Power supply 220V-50/60Hz(120V-60Hz available)