Pusher on Roller Type

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MKodel R635 R645 R655  R665 R675
Max. Capacity 3kg 6kg 18kg 30kg 60kg
Max. Reject Count 120 ea/min 95 ea/min 70 ea/min 40 ea/min 30 ea/min
Dimension W-510 W-570 W-640 W-740 W-840
R-450 R-550 R-914/110 R-914/1100 R-1100/1300
E-700/980 E-700/980 E-700/980 E-700/980 E-980
F-444 F-504 F-714 F-714 F-814
Applicable Model W335 W345 W355 W365 W375

* Pusher On Belt Conveyor can be applicable according to the product conditions.