Santoprene®Pump Tubes

Santoprene® is a proprietary type of thermoplastic rubber elastomer, manufactured by Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P. Santoprene® is a polyolefinic material, produced by a proprietary dynamic vulcanization which produces rubber particles dispersed throughout a continuous matrix of thermoplastic.. This material combines the performance characteristics of vulcanized rubber and the processing ease of thermoplastics. Santoprene® has properties that make it very tolerant of temperatures, chemicals and environmental abrasion. Santoprene® is available in a range of hardnesses. The most popular hardness grade for small-bore peristaltic pump use is 64 Shore A. This gives the best combination of easy occlusion and good material recovery for effective long-life pumping. Other grades are available for alternative applications. Medical grades of Santoprene® have a DMF file lodged with the US FDA, and are approved to USP Class.


Product: Medical Grade Thermoplastic Rubber
Full Name: Santoprene®
Applications: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory & Industrial Users, For use with Peristaltic Pumps
Characteristics: Good Chemical Resistance, Flexible and Strong Good Handling Characteristics Abrasion Resistant, Non-toxic Excellent Pumping Life
Temperature Range: -50°C to +135°C
Sterilizations: Gamma Irradiation Autoclave (Unbridged Tubing)
Hardness: 60 Shore A
Elongation at Break: 440%
Tear Strength: 25Kn/m
Certification: Meets USP Class VI US Pharmacopoeia Approved and Certified FDA Approved DMF No17690 Santoprene® is a Registered Trade Mark of Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P.