Tygon® PVC Standard Pump Tubes

Tygon® brand Phthalate Free PVC or AutoAnalysis Tubing is a micro-bore diameter tubing used in AutoAnalyzer
instruments and micro-bore peristaltic pumps. This tubing is great for harsh reagents and is clear with an excellent
chemical resistance.

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Product: Phthalate Free Tygon® PVC
Full Name: Tygon® PVC
Applications: Peristaltic Pump, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical
Characteristics: Supple, Strong,  Excellent Pumping Life, Good Handling Characteristics, Crack Resistant, Smooth and Polished Inner Wall
Sterilizations:Ethylene Oxide Autoclave
Hardness: 55 Shore A
Elongation at Break: 450%
Certification: Meets USP Class VI US Pharmacopoeia Tested and Certified