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WS 5500 controller-Features

  • Voluntary weight range setting function based on the absolute weight system.
  • Calibration, engineer control mode are protected by password not to be
    accessible to any persons except of an qualified person
  • Available to control a weighing time and weighing interval according to
    product conditions in production lines.
  • Dynamic adjust function can make a weight in-motion same with an actual
    weight weighed by a general scale.
  • Max. 50 products memory.
  • Auto data back-up during power down or the electrical supply interruption.
  • Auto calibration of ZERO and SPAN
  • Temperature stabilization and noise compensation circuts built in.
  • Multi mode LCD graphical display.
  •  Data communication to printer or computer (option).
  • Control function for external equipments (option).
  •  A various controlling system (option)- Feedback control system/Auto tracking system/Random checking system


Max.Capacity 60000g
Weigh range 400~60000g
Optimum accuracy* ±20g
Digit 10g
Max. weigh speed* 25 ea/min 20 ea/min.
Belt speed 14~30 m/min. 14~30 m/min.
Product dimension W 30~600mm 30~600mm
L 240~1000mm 240~1200mm
H 30~600mm 30~600mm
Zero adjustment Running : Auto ZERO Tracking
Stopping : ZERO Key
Item Memory Max. 50 items
Printer(Option) FS-6026
Main body weight Aprox.190 kg
Applicable Rejectors Line Stop & Buzzer
R575 Pusher on Belt
R675 Pusher on Roller

* Optimum Accuracy can be different according to the product conditions.
* Max.Weighing Speed can be different according to the product dimension and Conveyor Speed.