Polycarbonate Open Tank


  • Working Temperature up to 85°C
  • Drain port(for 17、23 and  28 liter part number)
  • With safety handle
Reservoir Capacity 8 Liter 11 Liter 14 Liter
Working Access 28.4×15.6×20.3cm 38.9×15.6×20.3cm 49.3×15.6×20.3cm
Overall Dimensions 30.2×17.4×23.2cm 40.6×17.4×23.2cm 51.3×17.4×23.2cm
Part Number T08PA1 T11PA1 T14PA1
Reservoir Capacity 17 Liter 23 Liter 28 Liter
Working Access 31.2×30.5×20.3cm 41.7×30.5×20.3cm 52.3×30.5×20.3cm
Overall Dimensions 35.1×32.4×23.2cm 45.5×32.4×23.2cm 56.1×32.4×23.2cm
Part Number T17PA1 T23PA1 T28PA1