C20S Compact Karl Fischer Coulometer

The Routine Karl Fischer Coulometer combines fast and precise water content determination with very simple operation. Samples from any industry with water content between 1 ppm and 5% are analyzed in single measurements or as sample series with statistics.


  • Color touchscreen with One Click user interface
  • User interface in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean and Portuguese
  • Generator cell with or without diaphragm available
  • Connectivity to LabX Titration PC software via USB or direct Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Common USB printers or the USB-P25 compact printer for secure and GLP-compliant paper recording
One Click® User Interface

The large color touchscreen features the simple-to-understand and fast-to-operate One Click user interface. All users have their own homescreen with dedicated shortcut buttons to directly start specific routine tasks.

Solvent Manager

Users are protected against contact with chemicals using the Solvent Manager liquid handling device. It is fully controlled by the titrator and allows reagents to be removed with minimal user interaction.

Diaphragmless cell

The user has the choice of a current generator cell with or without a diaphragm. For most samples the cell without a diaphragm offers more convenience, as no catholyte is needed. Due to the unique design, the diaphragmless cell even meets the demands of very precise low water content determinations.

PC software LabX® Titration

Full control over the titrator, secure database archiving, networking, efficient result management with control charts and individual search filters or rapid and clear method development are only some aspects of the powerful LabX Titration PC software.

Model C20S
Short description C20S – The Routine Titrator
Short Cuts max. 12 per user
Automatic burette recognition
Number of predefined Mettler methods
Number of user methods max. 5
Task list (number of tasks)
Languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean
Drying oven option DO308 (manual)