Hydra Series

General Deionization
– Application Specific Configuration
– 2 to 3 Stage Filtration
– Turnkey Operation

The Hydra Series is preassembled filtration system that allows the user to select housings that are specific to their application. The Hydra provides both convenience and flexibility in one complete package. A variety of systems are available from 1 to 3 bowl systems for slim to big blue style cartridges. Once the Hydra system has been selected, cartridges are chosen from the Aries Filterworks AF Series. AF Series cartridges include applications for drinking water, arsenic removal, deionization, sediment, and many other specialty medias.


  • Turnkey system for easy installation.
  • Mounting bracket standard with each filter system.
  • Systems can be configured to meet specific applications from drinking
    water to waste water.
  • AF Series cartridges available to provide a system solution design.
  • Value added accessories include install tubing kits, spanner wrenches, quick disconnect fittings and resistivity lights.
– 1/2” FNPT for 2-1/2” Diameter (Slim style)
– 3/4” FNPT for 4-1/2” Diameter (Big Blue style)
– All filter housings are polypropylene and include pressure relief valve.
– Clear sump available for 10” slim style housing only
– All Hydra systems include steel bracket
– Cartridges purchased separately.
– For non-standard systems, please contact factory