Strike 20 Rotary Evaporator (20L)

STRIKE 20 is a 20lt rotary evaporator designed for industrial systems and R&D purposes. It meets all the process needs using 3.3 borosilicate glass and PTFE allowing aggressive substances treatment. It works efficiently both under vacuum and any
ambient conditions. The rotation of the 6, 10 or 20 lt evaporation flasks inside the heating bath results in a forced convection and homogenous distribution of the product, preventing sedimentation while ensuring high evaporation exchange surface. The sealing system guarantees perfect vacuum tightness and no maintenance. Glassware can be tailored to meet Client’s specific needs.

Application fields

Strike 20 is supplied with a an optional transparent protection shield for the evaporation flask. The special shaped and robust shield ensures utmost protection from evaporation flask breakage and spray during process at high temperature.
-The heating bath and the protective shield are lifted by an electronically monitored system.
-An automatic system lowers the heating bath in case of power failure, overheating and any other bad occurrences.
-Strike 20 is supplied with a rupture disk, a safety device, positioned on the glassware to prevent over pressure.

-Made of lubrificating material allowing perfect vacuum tightness.
-No maintenance required

Lifted by means of a powered system, the heating bath, in case of power failure or alarms, goes automatically down to
prevent fluid overheating, and the process will immediately stop. Its electric heater enhanced to 3Kw (<3W/Cm2) ensures continuous evaporation of a wide range of products even in critical working conditions.

– Set and actual temperature value of the bath
– Set and actual vapour temperature value
– Set and actual rotation speed value of the evaporation flask
– Set and actual vacuum value (vacuum controller included as standard)

Model Strike 20
Working range °C Ambient up to 150°C
Accuracy °C ± 2°C
Resolution °C 0.1°C
Power resistor KW 3KW
Glassware configuration Discending or Reflux
Working range mbar 8; atmospheric
Accuracy mbar ±5mbar
Resolution mbar 1
Evaporation flask 20 Lt ,10 Lt, 6 Lt
Collecting flasks 2x 6 lt or 1x 10lt
Dimensions (WxLxH) 1240x580x2060 mm
Power supply 230Vac mono 3,4 Kw