Tygon®Pump Tubes-305 Series

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Metric I.D. Description Part No.* Color Code
0.13mm Orange/Black/Orange
0.19mm Orange/Red/Orange 305-2571K049*
0.25mm Orange/Blue/Orange 305-2571K050
0.28mm** White/Blue/White
0.31mm** Red/Blue/Red
0.33mm** Brown/Blue/Brown
0.36mm** Brown/Black/Brown
0.38mm Orange/Green/Orange
0.44mm Green/Yellow/Green
0.51mm Orange/Yellow/Orange 305-2571K053
0.57mm White/Yellow/White
0.64mm Orange/White/Orange 305-2571K055
0.69mm Black/Black/Black 305-2571K056
0.89mm Orange/Orange/Orange 305-2571K057
0.95mm White/Black/White 305-2571K058*
1.02mm White/White/White 305-2571K059
1.09mm White/Red/White
1.14mm Red/Red/Red 305-2571K060
1.22mm Red/Grey/Red
1.25mm Grey/Grey/Grey 305-2571K063
1.42mm Yellow/Yellow/Yellow 305-2571K064
1.49mm Yellow/Blue/Yellow 305-2571K065
1.60mm Blue/Blue/Blue 305-2571K066
1.75mm Blue/Green/Blue
1.81mm Green/Green/Green 305-2571K068
2.06mm Purple/Purple/Purple 305-2571K069
2.20mm Purple/Black/Purple 305-2571K070
2.54mm Purple/Orange/Purple 305-2571K071
2.79mm Purple/White/Purple 305-2571K024*
3.17mm Black/White/Black 305-2571K073
  • Blank Part numbers or numbers with an asterisk at the end are special ordered items which may result in an minimum order requirement, longer lead times or may not be available.
  • For Flared Tubing place an “F” in front of the part number. For example: F130-001A-101.
  • **Inner diameter of this tubing may be different than what is listed by no more than +/-.03mm
  • Available in pack of 12 tubes